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Commercify 2.0 Review – Does It Really Work?


The internet is brimming with over-hyped digital products that claim to have the power to transform your life’! More often than not, these products are traps for gullible newbies. These products never deliver what they promise. They are designed to squeeze more money from the buyer.

People devote copious amounts of time and resources into making it work’ without even realizing that they have been taken for a ride! They are so emotionally and financially invested in the entire affair that they simply refuse to give up. They spend more and more, hoping that it will finally pay off – but it never does! This is the sad truth behind most online programs.

Ultimately, they do end up transforming your life’ – but for the worse! However, once in a blue moon, a genuinely good product gets launched in the market. Is Commercify 2.0 one of them? Let us find out…

What exactly is Commercify 2.0?

Simply put, it is a fully automated system that integrates with Shopify, one of the most prolific ecommerce platforms on the planet. Commercify 2.0 envisages fast-selling products (such as t-shirts and other physical products) that can be implemented across hundreds of niches!

The products are designed to make the buyers impulsive. They literally sell like hot cakes! Couple this with Commercify’s killer marketing strategies and you have a definite winner!

Commercify 2.0 makes use of facebook ads to reach out to potential audience. Facebook is a highly effective marketing platform. People are already telling the Facebook algorithm what they like’. So it only shows them ads that appeal to them. When they see the ad, they don’t even feel that they are being targeted. On the contrary, they marvel at how intuitive facebook is and how it shows them exactly what they are looking for!

You have probably wasted hours of your time just surfing facebook. However, with Commercify 2.0, you can utilize its power and make truckloads of cash. Facebook is an absolute GOLD MINE if you understand how to leverage its massive potential!

Who created Commercify 2.0?

Commercify has been created by Ricky Matata and Nishant Bhardwaj.

Ricky Matata:

Ricky is a highly skilled programmer. He has over 17 years of experience in web development, programming and internet marketing. He is a top seller and has launched 15 successful products prior to this.

Nishant Bhardwaj:

Nishant is a Facebook marketing genius. He has generated millions of dollars on facebook. With Commercify, he has created a marketing blueprint that anybody can follow. As you know, marketing is a product is a tedious business. You have to research your market, prepare feasibility reports, write interesting ads and so on. In Commercify, you do not have to deal with all these hassles. Everything is done for you. You get a ready to launch weapon that can flood your bank account with cash.

How does Commercify 2.0 work?

You gain access to all the tools and training that you need to succeed on Shopify – A Canadian ecommerce company that has close to 400,000 merchants and generates over 200,000 million dollars in revenue each year. The total merchandise value is estimated to be more than 15 billion USD! Seriously, anybody who hasn’t heard about Shopify is definitely living under a rock!

When you combine Shopify with the world’s most popular social network (facebook), it become almost impossible not to succeed!

In today’s market, selling is highly image driven. If order to showcase a product well, you need to have expensive photography equipment, access to a studio, models, photo editing software. You then have to learn how to use the equipment and software. All this takes months! With Commercify, you get access to professionally designed images that convert instantly. As you may have noticed, this product hard-work out of the equation and replaces it with smart work! Why wait for results when you have have them NOW?

The best part about Commercify is that you never have to worry about ordering and stocking inventory. Everything is fulfilled automatically! So even though you’ll be owning a flourishing ecommerce business, your house will never look like a warehouse and you’ll never have to worry about orders, tracking, shipping, returns etc.

You also get access to immersion training and loads of other bonuses.

Should you buy it?

Yes, this product is highly recommended! But all these goodies come at a price. You’ll have to shell out 995 USD for lifetime access to Commercify 2.0. If that sounds a bit steep, you have the option of making 3 payments of $397.

While 995 bucks sounds like a substantial investment, remember that you get LIFETIME ACCESS! Also, you can recover your investment within a week or even earlier! Thousands of people have tried Commercify and it has helped them achieve financial freedom.

Commercify 2.0 is a proven system. It has stood the test of time. It gets a big thumps up!